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Visual Learners

According to the VARK method, visual learners need to see information to process it. This means that people with this learning style will thrive using graphic organizers, maps, and images. Visual learners also thrive when they’re given written instructions to understand what’s expected of the activity. Flashcards and notes of different colors can also aid their learning.

Auditory or Aural Learners

Auditory or aural learners can do better by listening and talking. These types of learners thrive when they’re allowed to participate in discussions or when they have a teacher that explains a lesson clearly. A strategy for young learners is to have them repeat instructions that teachers have just said. For older learners, class discussions can help them process information better.

Read/Write Learners

Putting thoughts into words is one of the strengths of read/write learners. That’s why they do best at basing their learning from textbooks and handouts. These learners rely on linguistic skills, taking notes, reading, and using reference materials.

Kinesthetic Learners

Lastly, kinesthetic learners learn best with movement and touch. The best strategy for this type of learner is to let them have a hands-on experience or move around while learning, as this can help them focus their energy. Some activities that help kinesthetic learners are having flashcards or role-play to learn a lesson.

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