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Does Your Student Doubt the Benefits of Math?

It isn’t always easy for children to see the importance of relevance of math to adult life, however, every parent knows that math is not only used every day, but relied upon. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Irvine CA with a great activity which can help.

Use the Kitchen as Your Classroom

Swap your children sitting on the couch playing video games or tapping away at their device screen for helping you in the kitchen, and make it a small lesson.
  • Use a recipe written using the Metric system and ask your children to convert each item and list.
  • Look for a recipe which prepares too many servings and ask your children to calculate the new portions for how many serves you need.
  • When using packet items, ask your children to calculate the remaining.
  • When it comes time to measure items, give the task to your children.
This can be a great activity for a number of reasons:
  • When a lesson is taught practically, it helps students to absorb the lesson and, in this case, shows your children the immediate relevance and benefit to using math in adult life.
  • Even if the math you teach is basic, they are important for all children to learn.
  • When a parent teaches their child, they have the opportunity to identify any learning challenges.

Math Tutoring Can Help

If you are concerned that your child is beginning to fall behind their classmates or they struggle to learn the lessons in this activity, one-to-one math tutoring can help. To find out more about the benefit of enrolling your student in tutoring, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Irvine CA by calling (949) 418-7888 and speak with a professional tutor.


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