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The internet can be a fantastic resource for learning and entertainment, but it’s essential to establish healthy boundaries when using it. Let’s talk about some ways parents can do just that.

Model Good Internet Use

Using the internet can be great for children of all ages, but their first interactions must be accompanied by parents and adults who will model how to use it correctly. Knowing what to share, how much time to spend online, and what safe and age-appropriate spaces take time, so modeling is essential for children.

Use Parental Controls

Parental controls are also great tools that parents can use to limit the sites children visit and their time online. Luckily, parental controls are built into many apps, browsers, and devices and can be an excellent tool for children still learning what boundaries not to cross online. That being said, parental controls aren’t a catch-all, so it’s still important to be aware of what sites your child is visiting and limit their screen time until they learn to self-regulate.

Keep Private Information Offline

As mentioned above, learning what information to share and what to keep private is also a skill that children need to exercise when online. It’s essential to start teaching them these boundaries as soon as they start using the internet. The basics are that they should never share their name, phone number, address online, and other personal information like their school name and birthdate.

By following the above steps, using the internet can be safe for children. If you’re looking for tutoring, don’t hesitate to call The Tutoring Center, Irvine, CA, at (949) 418-788 to learn more about their amazing academic programs and schedule a free diagnostic test.


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