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When Should You Use a Dictionary

Dictionaries are helpful tools for learning new words, finding word spelling, and getting other definitions for words you already know. The next time you’re reading, try writing down terms you’re not familiar with and looking them up later in the dictionary. Dictionaries can help you expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar when writing and communicating in general.

Choose the Right Dictionary

There are many different dictionaries to choose from (over 40 different types!), and each is created for a specific need. The most commonly used dictionary is the one that has words and definitions. But others can help learn new languages like bilingual dictionaries or look for similar words when writing like a thesaurus.

Go by Alphabetical Order

Using a dictionary isn’t hard when you know the basics of how they work. Dictionaries are organized in alphabetical order, so start with the first letter of the word you’ll be looking for. They also have guide words on the top of the page that show you the first or last word on the page. When you’ve narrowed down the page you think your word will be on, try scanning the words to see if it’s on that page. Keep thinking alphabetically, and you’ll find it in no time.

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