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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Devices such as cellphones and tablets are designed to grab our attention. With constant notifications and alerts, they can be hard to ignore. That’s why the first suggestion we have for managing screen time is to put them away. It might seem challenging to do at first, but the key is to put them away and replace them with other engaging activities like reading, playing board games, or crafting. Activities like these can keep children entertained and help them work on different skills like their imagination, literacy, or fine motor skills.

Plan Outdoor Activities

Planning outdoor activities can also be a great way to have screen-free time. Activities like hiking, going to the park, or even just walking around the neighborhood can be great for everyone in the family. The outdoors can be engaging, too; try planning a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood, a walk to the library, or even just going into your back or front yard to run around.

Model Good Device Use

As a last note, modeling the correct use of devices is in big part up to the adults in the room. Many children watch their parents scroll endlessly on their phones, so it’s normal for them to do the same once they get their devices. Try having device-free hours or spaces in your home where the focus can be family bonding or quiet time. Screens are inevitable, but leading by example can help your child have a healthier relationship with them.

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