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Develop Life Skills

Developing life skills is a significant part of growing up. That’s why having chores like doing the laundry, cooking, and cleaning one’s space aren’t taught in school but are essential for fully functioning adults. Help your child develop these life skills by making them part of the daily chores at home.

Learn Responsibility

Chores can also teach responsibility and consequences; that’s why choosing chores that directly impact their day to day can help them be self-sufficient. These chores can be things like cleaning their backpack, doing their laundry, or packing their lunch. These chores are great ways for them to be responsible at home and help them be more independent in the long run.

What Chores Should My Child Do?

The chores your child should be doing around the house will significantly vary depending on their age and development; that being said, there are some ideas on the types of chores each age group can handle:
  • Preschoolers can help with picking up their toys and some parts of their room. A good idea is to have a visual chore chart to remind them what they need to do.
  • School-Aged Children’s chores can center around doing their homework, cleaning up their room, and preparing their backpack and lunch for the next day.
  • Pre-Teens can do tasks to help their family, like cleaning and sweeping.
  • Teenagers can handle chores that have more to do with life skills like budgeting and helping cook meals.

Having chores can help your child work on their life skills, and tutoring can help them work on their academic skills. Call the expert tutors at The Tutoring Center, Irvine, CA, at (949) 418-7888 for more information on their academic programs and to schedule a free diagnostic assessment.


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