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Teaching children to develop their goal-setting skills from a young age can make a big difference and allow them to form healthy habits from early on that can help them along with their academic life. Setting goals teaches children responsibility and independence. Read this article by The Tutoring CenterIrvine, CA, and learn some tips on how to help your child start setting goals.

Help Your Child Come up with Their Goal, Let Them Choose

It’s important to help children start setting their own goals. If your child sets their own goal and decides on their own something they want to achieve, they will be more inspired and it will be easier for them to want to put in the extra work to reach the end goal. Sit with them and help them come up with a goal that is believable and real. Remember to start small.

Break the Goal into Smaller Steps

Setting goals can sometimes be overwhelming for children, especially if they are long-time goals. Breaking the goal in small steps or smaller goals will help them feel like it is more achievable and they will also be able to see short-term results and feel like they are achieving things that will allow them to reach that end goal.

Monitor Their Progress

When setting academic goals, it's important to measure the progress and do frequent check-ins to see how your child is going. This will help you see if your strategy is working and will allow your child to see first hand the results of their efforts.

Be Supportive

Especially when starting to set goals, children can get discouraged if they don’t feel like they are getting somewhere. Help your child stay inspired along the way by giving them words of encouragement and helping them see how far they’ve come. A great way to inspire them is by showing them by example. Show your child you also set goals and see what you are doing to achieve them. They will feel sported and fell like they are on this journey with you.

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