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Not all students returned home with a glowing end-of-year report card, with many report cards including lower than expected grades and a range of constructive comments from the teacher on how to improve. If this sounds familiar, The Tutoring Center, Irvine, CA has a great article about using the teacher’s comments to help your child prepare for the next school year, over the summer break.

Teachers Advice

Teachers are in the best position to identify learning challenges and help students through them. And while they will provide this help throughout the year, many of their observations will make their way on a child’s report card, allowing you the perfect opportunity to help your child. As an example, many children struggle with reading:
  • Find out the types of words your child struggles with and write them on notes attached to their snacks. Each time they want to enjoy a snack, they need to read a word and use it in a sentence.
  • Head to the library or bookstore and allow your child to choose a non-educational book which will expose them to a greater range of vocabulary and writing styles.
  • Reading the daily flyers and promotional mail can help students learn about how adjusting writing styles can change the way the reader reads, such as enticing a customer to a sale or eliciting emotion.
While these ideas may not seem convention, they each provide a small instance of learning which, when accumulated over the summer break, can help your child to address any learning challenges they faced. Of course, if your child struggled in a different subject, you can adapt these tips or think of your own ways to introduce small lessons into your child’s day.

Summer One-To-One Tutoring Can Help

If your child’s lessons are more complicated to the point where, as a parent, you struggle to keep up or assist, Tutoring is a great option, providing your student with one-to-one learning sessions which allow them to ask as many questions as they want to ensure they leave with a solid understanding of the lesson. To find out more, speak with The Tutoring Center, Irvine, CA at (949) 418-7888 and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.  


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