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Helping your child improve their pronunciation is a multifaceted process. A great way of assisting them in improving pronunciation is by reading books with them. Reading aloud to them has many benefits for your child’s literacy and their love of books and reading. One of those benefits is helping them learn new words and how to pronounce them.

Rhymes and Songs

Using songs and rhymes is another excellent way to help children improve pronunciation. The repetitive nature of rhymes and songs helps children learn how English sounds and get familiar with new words. With younger children, try using nursery rhymes and songs to improve their pronunciation and use of certain words.

Using Tongue Twisters

Lastly, tongue twitters are an excellent way to improve diction and pronunciation, and some of them can be a real workout! Tongue twisters help you enunciate better and focus on individual sounds in a word to get them right. Being able to pronounce each sound in a word is a crucial skill that will, later on, help when learning how to read. Also, tongue twisters aren’t just a mental exercise, but a physical one, as they help strengthen the muscles in your tongue, helping improve your child’s pronunciation.

Tutoring can also help children improve pronunciation with exercises designed to help them improve their literacy skills. Call The Tutoring Center, Irvine, CA, at (949) 418-788 for information on their excellent academic programs for children of every age designed to help your child reach their learning goals. Don’t forget to ask for a free initial diagnostic assessment.


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