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Resilience Building

The benefits of puzzles for children are many, one of them being building resilience by pushing through challenges while building them. Puzzles offer many ways to work through them. Each person might approach them differently, but taking a deep breath and following through to completion is a challenging skill to master and can stay with children in many situations throughout their lives.

Fine Motor Skills Development

Another unexpected benefit of doing puzzles is developing fine motor skills. Young children, in particular, can benefit from sliding, flipping, wiggling, and turning the puzzle pieces until they fit into place. Puzzles can also help their hands strengthen by practicing the precise movements needed to set a piece in its place. Lastly, puzzles can also be helpful to develop attention to detail and hand-eye coordination.

Problem Solving Skills

As a last benefit, puzzles can help children develop problem-solving skills. Things like testing ideas, making plans, and solving problems are all a part of solving puzzles and can be exercised in a fun way while building one. Panning and strategizing, in particular, might not sound like something you develop when building a puzzle, but you’d be surprised how much faster you can crack one when having a plan beforehand.

Working on new skills is one of the great benefits of puzzles, and tutoring can help as well. Give The Tutoring Center, Irvine, CA, a call at (949) 418-788 for information on their academic programs, and don’t forget to ask about their free initial diagnostic assessment.


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