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Focusing Through Breathing Exercises

The first tip we can suggest to manage test anxiety is to work on breathing exercises. Researchers have done studies where they’ve tested how well students do in exams after mindful breathing exercises, and the results are promising, as these students usually get higher grades. It makes sense because being able to control your breathing can help with nerves and anxiety.

Taking Better Notes and Paying Attention

Reducing test anxiety can also start in class. A studying technique that works for many people is to pay attention in class and take notes of the most relevant parts of the lecture. Taking notes can help you recall better what the teacher was saying in class when studying before your exams, and it can be much more effective than cramming the night before. For better note-taking, focus on writing down the essential parts of the lecture like dates, curious facts, places, and things your teacher mentioned as important.

Preparing for Exam Day

Finally, preparing for exam day can be as simple as having a good night’s sleep which can help you feel more focused on the day of the test. On the morning of the exam, try to have breakfast before leaving for school and work on breathing exercises. Lastly, it’s common to feel a rush of anxiety before going into an exam; if breathing exercises don’t seem to do the trick, some people find physical activity useful in releasing anxious energy.

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