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For many students, writer’s block can be a common occurrence when putting together an essay for class or completing a writing assignment. Here are three ways to overcome writer’s block and get back on track with your writing.

Get Some Fresh Air

One of the best ways to overcome writing...

The internet can be a fantastic resource for learning and entertainment, but it’s essential to establish healthy boundaries when using it. Let’s talk about some ways parents can do just that.

Model Good Internet Use

Using the internet can be great for children of all ages, but their first...

A Path to Develop Fine Motor Skills

The first benefit we would like to highlight is that drawing is an excellent way for children to develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are the building blocks of other skills like grasping objects and writing. That’s why children need to exercise hand...


Helping your child improve their pronunciation is a multifaceted process. A great way of assisting them in improving pronunciation is by reading books with them. Reading aloud to them has many benefits for your child’s literacy and their love of books and reading. One of those benefits...

Visual Learners

According to the VARK method, visual learners need to see information to process it. This means that people with this learning style will thrive using graphic organizers, maps, and images. Visual learners also thrive when they’re given written instructions to understand what’s...

Resilience Building

The benefits of puzzles for children are many, one of them being building resilience by pushing through challenges while building them. Puzzles offer many ways to work through them. Each person might approach them differently, but taking a deep breath and following through to...

Develop Life Skills

Developing life skills is a significant part of growing up. That’s why having chores like doing the laundry, cooking, and cleaning one’s space aren’t taught in school but are essential for fully functioning adults. Help your child develop these life skills by making them part...

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Devices such as cellphones and tablets are designed to grab our attention. With constant notifications and alerts, they can be hard to ignore. That’s why the first suggestion we have for managing screen time is to put them away. It might seem challenging to do at first,...

When Should You Use a Dictionary

Dictionaries are helpful tools for learning new words, finding word spelling, and getting other definitions for words you already know. The next time you’re reading, try writing down terms you’re not familiar with and looking them up later in the dictionary....

Focusing Through Breathing Exercises

The first tip we can suggest to manage test anxiety is to work on breathing exercises. Researchers have done studies where they’ve tested how well students do in exams after mindful breathing exercises, and the results are promising, as these students usually...


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